A Picture An Hour: Australia Day


I have been wanting to do one of these posts for a while and yesterday was Australia Day – meaning i got the day off and could take pictures of something other than my keyboard – so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some happy snaps each hour.

8.30am – breakfast time


9.30am – getting ready


10.30am – finishing off my crochet fruit bowl

Crochet fruit basket

11.30am – driving in to Fremantle


12.30pm – lunch time


1.30pm – getting ready for The Descendants


3.30pm (I couldn’t take a picture in the movie theatre because that would be illegal so I skipped an hour – that’s right, I follow the rules!) – drinks at Little Creatures


4.30pm – chatting

Still drinking

5.30pm – packing to go to Grants


7.30pm (Whoops, fell asleep!) – making corn fritters

Making corn fritters

8.30pm – watching the fireworks from the balcony

Watching fireworks

9.30pm – washing up


10.30pm – puppy pic time


11.30pm – catching up on the blogosphere before bed


What a lovely day!

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