Oh boy….that was an awkwardly long break. Life has been crazy over here with work, assignments, social commitments and trying to find some sort of house to live in. I have not had time to knit or crochet, let alone scratch my nose. But lets stop with the excuses, no-one wants to read me ramble on for a whole blog post about how much of a bad blogger I am. Am I right?

Winter has well and truly kicked in and I am loving the wooly socks, flannel sheets, hot chocolates and puddle skipping – the freezing cold mornings when I have to get up early not so much. Here are a few other things that are making me smile this winter.

My brother’s wedding is just 8 months away (not to freak you out brother!). It’s even sooner than expected due to a slight hiccup with the venue, but that’s all the more reason to be excited. We might just have to ask the photographer to snap a cute picture like this.

Cosy knits. I’ve been rocking a lot of wooly jumpers and cardigans lately. This one here via Alisa Design is just so ladylike with the accentuated shoulders.

Our trip to New Zealand in December. We plan on doing a lot of Lord of the Rings type tours to keep the boys happy and I am most excited about visiting Hobbiton – I hope it looks just as pretty as the picture above.

I have been finding so much inspiration for my graphic design course lately. I keep being drawn to pieces like this one from Leens Print. I think I will have to make my own sometime soon – fun craft project for my wall?

And of course this adorable doggy trench via The Rover Boutique, what a cute, happy (and warm) puppy!

What’s keeping you happy and warm this winter, or summer as it may be in your corner of the globe?


Illustration Inspiration: Alyssa Nassner

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

I think I am a little addicted to studying. I finished university two short years ago and ever since I have invested much of my time in short courses and workshops across many different subjects – usually the arty/crafty types. You could say I am obsessed with the feelings of excitement and determination that come from learning something new.

I do a little bit of graphic design work in my job and it is something I have wanted to hone my skills in for a long time – to the benefit of this blog and future job prospects – so I was super excited when I came across a great course that will allow me to study via distance education so I won’t have to quit my job and be a poor student (been there done that!).

I discovered these lovely illustrations by Alyssa Nassner via the WorkLife2 iPhone app. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me. Oh and you are probably going to see a lot more graphic design material around here in the near future, I hope you don’t mind!

Make Do and Mend
Choose Your Own Path
No Matter How Long the Winter
Daily Outfits
Delightful Foxes
Images via Alyssa Nassner.