How To: Make A Brush Roll

Do you get as frustrated as I do when things in your life are cluttered and unorganised? Prior to making this brush roll, every time I would open my makeup bag I would be greeted with a sea of makeup brushes and would have to rummage to the bottom of the bag to find the product I was after. It was always a pain when I was in a rush and nine times out of ten I would have to dump half the contents of my bag on the bench, resulting in a big mess on the bathroom counter and a rushed makeup job.

I’ve had the pattern for this project in my head for months and finally got around to making it the other day, it took me around 90 minutes. I used some old fabric scraps and some faux leather that I bought a couple of months ago. Faux leather is quite pricey, mine cost $50 for two meters, so if you would prefer to save your pennies you could use laminated fabric instead.

How to make a brush roll

1. First, you will want to get your brushes out and measure up a pattern that fits them all in. You can choose whether you would prefer the roll to have rounded or square edges, it won’t matter either way. 2. Then trace around your pattern onto the wrong side of the leather and cut it out. Once you have done this pin the pattern to your fabric and cut it out around the edges, this will make up the outside of the roll. 3. Now you will need to fold the pattern in half, pin it to the fabric again and cut it out. This piece will be used to hold the brushes in place. 4. Now that you have all of your materials cut to size you will need to hem the top edge of the fabric which will hold your brushes in place. Fold and press the top half of the fabric down 1/2cm and then again 1cm. Sew along this edge as close as you can to the fold line. 5. From here you will sew this piece (right side down) to the wrong side of the leather, 1/2cm from the fabric’s edge. You will want to leave the hemmed edge open. I did not want to damage the leather so instead of pinning these pieces together I used sticky tape along the open edge to hold the two pieces together while I sewed. When you have finished sewing, trim the corners back and turn the fabric right side out. 6. It’s time to measure your brushes. Use pins to mark where you need to sew. I placed the brushes inside the pocket and pressed down on either side of each one to measure how much room was needed. 7. When you have finished pinning your measurements you can sew the pockets for the brushes. Be careful to over-sew at each edge to make sure the stitching is going to stay put when you are using it later on. Double check that each brush fits as you sew the pockets.

8. Now you can get your straps ready. Cut a 90x3cm strip of leather and sew it together at the sides. I used a contrasting thread for an extra bit of detail, but you could use a thread that matches your leather. Sew each end shut and cut the strip in half so you are left with two 45cm strips. Place the strips aside while you work on the next step. 9. Sew the backing and the lining together with right sides together as close to the edges as possible leaving a 5cm gap at the end where you would like your straps to go.Trim the corners and any edges with excess fabric, the good thing about leather is that it won’t fray so cut it as close to the stitching as possible. 10. Turn the brush roll right side out and place the straps inside the opening, folding the material inside as you go. Now you will sew the gap shut with the ends of the straps inside. I was lazy and did this with the machine, but you could do it by hand with a sharp needle and some thread. 11. Now put your brushes inside, wrap it up and marvel at your organised-ness!

Have a happy Sunday!

Crochet Bows for Christmas

Crochet bow

While thinking about Christmas the other day I had a brain wave: why not use my crafts to make custom Christmas wrapping? I can’t believe I never thought of doing this before, it’s such a fun and personal way to give a gift.

Seeing as I LOVE crochet bows I thought I would give them a whizz and found this amazing tutorial on the Tube which had me creating within five minutes. The idea is that I will wrap the presents in brown paper and then tie them together with yarn, fastening a cute little crochet bow on top! Cute right? The best thing about it is it won’t end up in the rubbish bin because it can be used as a hair clip, brooch, bow tie or just about anything really!

For now this is just my practice bow, I have been a bit slack and haven’t bought any presents yet, so I will be using it as a pretty bow hair clip. When I finally get around to buying presents I will be sure to show you what the finished product will look like.

Suppliesthe supplies: yarn, corresponding crochet hook, scissors and yarn needle

Making crochet bowsfor my bow i chained 60 and then used single crochet across all rows for ten rows

Making crochet bowsi then sewed the ends of the bow piece together. for the centrepiece i chained 9 and used single crochet across all rows for 12 rows.

Making crochet bowsmaking sure the seam of the bow piece is at the back pinch the work in the centre and stretch the centrepiece around to the back, sewing it in place and sewing in ends.

Hair bow

I can’t wait to get wrapping, Christmas is going to be so much fun!

How To: Make A Framed Chalkboard


I could not be more excited to share with you my first DIY project! This chalkboard was so much fun to make and even more fun to draw on. You can use any piece of wood that you like, I chose this one because it was such a cute, homely shape. It takes around two days to make – most of that time is spent waiting around for the paint to dry – but it is worth the wait!

The suppliesAll you need is: wood, black chalkboard paint, acrylic paint in a colour of your choosing, small and medium flat ended paint brushes, a drop sheet (so you don’t turn anything else into a chalkboard), sandpaper and chalk.

Paint edgesStep 1: Roughly sand the wood to remove any bumpy edges and wipe it clean.
Step 2: Paint the edges with the small paint brush and acrylic paint.

Paint wood with chalkboard paintStep 3: Paint the surface with the chalkboard paint in long smooth strokes being careful not to let it drip over the edges. Let the paint dry as per the instructions on the paint tin.
Step 4: Apply the second coat of paint and leave to dry for 24 hours.

Design frameStep 5: Design your frame and then draw it onto your chalkboard with the chalk. If you want the frame to be permanent use liquid chalk.

Write on chalkboardStep 6: Write on your new framed chalkboard!

I hope you enjoy my very first DIY project! Now I better get onto booking that travel insurance, only 22 days till our holiday!