I Made A Dress!


I finally made a dress! After many failed attempts at sewing clothing I managed to finish something, and it doesn’t look too bad either!

The pattern is from the book Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincolne. If you are a beginner at sewing like me and are wanting to try your hand at clothing I recommend this book over those tricky patterns by Vogue and McCall’s. Pip explains things in plain English so you aren’t suffering trying to understand all the different acronyms at the same time as trying not to sew your leg holes together (I have done this before).

There are also some really cute sewing patterns for the home tucked away inside and a yummy recipe! Ok, I think I have convinced you enough!



Sorry about the blurry photos, I couldn’t keep my hand steady after a morning of non-stop sewing! Happy weekend!

Try Something New Tuesday: Outfit Post

Try Something New Tuesday: Outfit Post

When I started this blog I never thought I would ever be comfortable enough to do an outfit post, but here I am doing just that. I think change and growth is what is so great about running a personal blog. Each day I find myself trying new things, learning and building on my self confidence. In the six months since I have had Paper Bunnys I have been actively shaping myself into the person I want to be. I don’t think it is a journey that will ever end.

I love that personal style blogs have taken over my need for fashion magazines, it feels a lot healthier. Instead of browsing page after page of stick-thin, airbrushed models thinking “I hate my thighs”, I am scrolling through pages of beautiful everyday people for a style fix and actually embracing my thighs! Those ‘real people’ are the reason why I was confident enough to do this outfit post in the first place!

Outfit photo

Outfit photo

Outfit photo

Outfit photo

Dress, Earrings and Belt/Cotton On, Bag/Levis, Shoes/Anthropologie, Watch/Fossil

Thanks to my lovely boy for taking these happy snaps!

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails Of Christmas – Day 12

The 12 Nails of Christmas

We finally got here: day 12! So impressed that I finally made it through the challenge, I certainly wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Chloe’s help when things got busy over the last 12 days!

Today’s inspiration is a little more unique than the rest: a Christmas song! Rocking Around the Christmas Tree to be exact, so I added black studs onto my deep red “I’m Not Really A Waitress” by OPI. The rock star in me was thrilled when I came up with this idea, given that she lives so close to my surface (I have previously been known to dye sections of my hair bright red or blue and love anything with studs or shiny metal detailing).


I picked up the studs from Spotlight and dotted them randomly over the still wet second coat before I put a top coat over the whole lot.

Have a wonderfully merry Christmas everyone!

Asha xx

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 11

The 12 Nails of Christmas

I’m back! I was so excited when Asha asked me to do another 12 Nails of Christmas post AND when she gave me the ultra cool idea for Christmas ombré nails. I had wanted to try this pretty nail technique ever since Asha gave it a go while I was away on holidays.


For this design I used Revlon’s Gold Coin (cos it makes me feel super rich) and Sephora by OPI Curve-aceous. The technique is quite easy, but if you are anything like me you might have to spend a bit of time afterwards cleaning up your fingers with polish remover – it was not a pretty sight, but I got there in the end! Follow Asha’s step-by-step ombré tutorial to master this technique.

One more day to go, Asha has a killer design to celebrate day 12! I hope you are enjoying the lead up to the festive season as much as I am.

Chloe xx

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 10

The 12 Nails of Christmas

We have reached day nine and I thought I’d do little Christmas designs on two of the nails, I like that they are the middle two fingers as they are kind of framed by the surrounding fingers.

Christmas tree and holly nails

I think that the holly is my favourite one that I’ve done so far! The detail looks so fun and intricate but it was actually really easy with my little paintbrush and a steady hand. I used OPI’s A Oui Bit of Red and China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald for this design.

I can’t believe I have almost reached the end of my challenge! Two to go and Chloe is up next with her Christmas ombré… Stay tuned!

Asha xx


Inspirationail: The 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 9

The 12 Nails of Christmas

Aah so we are nearly there, day 9 – this one was so much fun! Chloe showed you how to cover your nails in wrapping paper and I show you how to make five little presents on them! Five presents are much better than one and I loved the idea of having different coloured ribbon on each nail.

Present nails

For this design I used OPI’s Moon Over Mumbai for the base and the ribbons were OPI Glitzerland and a Oui Bit of Red, China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald and Coconut Kiss, the silver was once again the Orly mini that I seem to be getting a lot of use out of these days!

Enjoy x

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 8

The 12 Nails of Christmas

So by the time I returned from work this week I was a little exhausted and had been neglecting my challenge and my nails.

My friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a manicure which was so much fun and a relaxing yet satisfying way to have my nails done. Let’s just say it was so nice to have someone else paint them so flawlessly!

So as an addition, albeit a side-step away from my challenge, here is day 8. I got them to add the stars on my ring fingers to make my mani more Christmassy!

Manicured nails

Promise I’ll be back on track tomorrow!

Asha xx

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails Of Christmas – Day 7

The 12 Nails of Christmas

Chloe here again! I enjoyed doing the last post so much that I wanted to give another one a go! While this nail design may be a little impractical, it is so much fun and would last long enough to wow everyone at a Christmas party!

For this design all you need is clear nail polish (I used OPI’s Nail Envy) and some leftover foil wrapping paper in a fun and colorful design.


First you will need to cut the wrapping paper to size so it fits around your nail, forming a curved edge which will sit against your cuticles. I found that it was easier to cut the bits of wrapping paper a bit longer than the length of your nail so you have more control when applying them to your nails. Once all the bits of wrapping paper are cut to size paint your nails with the clear polish and carefully stick the wrapping paper to your nail, gently pressing down to eliminate bubbles. Repeat this step until each nail is covered.

Once the polish has dried, gently cut off the excess paper with small scissors. If you wanted to seal the paper down even more you could carefully paint clear nail polish on top. Enjoy!

Chloe xx

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails Of Christmas – Day 6

The 12 Nails of Christmas

Hey, Chloe here. I’ll be taking the reigns (he he reigns…reindeer…sleigh…get it?!) today while Asha has a bit of a break, she has had an incredibly busy week working away.

Today’s inspiration came from those pretty twinkly lights we drape around our Christmas trees each year.


For this design I used China Glaze Starboard for the base and painted Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow over the top! Only 8 sleeps till Christmas!

Chloe xx

Inspirationail: The 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 5

The 12 Nails of Christmas

Today’s inspiration comes from the northern hemisphere Christmas, snowflakes! I’m lucky enough to have seen snow (living in Perth it’s not an easy feat) however would love to one day experience a white Christmas.

I stumbled upon an easy tutorial on refinery 29 that showed how to paint snow flakes on your nails, for this design I used OPI’s Yoga to Get This Blue for the base and Orly mini silver.


Asha xx