Try Something New Tuesday: DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Try Something New Tuesday

For this week’s edition of Try Something New Tuesday I thought I would try my hand at being a cosmetologist and make some sugar lip scrub! My lips have been taking a battering the past few weeks since coming back from holidays and what better way to treat them than a easy-to-make scrub. I made three varieties because I wanted to test the effects of different sugars on my pout, but you would probably only need to make one. The best thing about them is that they only take about two minutes to make.

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub: Mix 2 teaspoons of  brown sugar with 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil.

Raw Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub: Mix 2 teaspoons of raw sugar with 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil and a drizzle of honey.

Fine Sugar Lip Scrub: Mix 2 teaspoons of fine sugar with 1 1/5 teaspoons of jojoba oil.

Brown sugar
Raw sugar

Fine sugar and jojoba oil
Raw Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub
Lip scrubs

Now it’s time to pucker-up and exfoliate your lips – remember to apply lip balm afterwards to lock in the moisture. You’ll be ready for that kiss under the mistletoe in no time! Oh and they may look delicious enough to eat, but you probably shouldn’t…I don’t think your tummy would like you!

Best Birthday Ever!

Happy BirthdayBy gosh I have had the most wonderful birthday! Everyone made me feel so special from the minute I woke up!

Grant made me the most amazing birthday present ever (he keeps getting more and more creative each year). I have been gushing about it ever since I opened it… you want to know what it is? Prepare to be amazed…
Yep, that’s right, he put together a book of letters with wonderful words of encouragement, advice, inspiration, and support from all of my favourite bloggers! I nearly cried when I read it, it was the most thoughtful gift I think I have ever received. I am the luckiest girl in the world!

A massive shout-out goes to Emma (Food Coma), Jessica (How About Orange), Emily (Cupcakes and Cashmere), Elizabeth (Delightfully Tacky) and Stefanie & Erin (Oh So Lovely), who made me feel extra special on my birthday!

Because that wasn’t already enough (so he thought) – he also bought me two lovely books, is taking me to a hotel this weekend AND is paying for my blog make-over!!!!! How am I ever going to top this?

So this blog post I dedicate to Mr. Grant Sputore, the most wonderful/thoughtful/romantic/amazing/supportive boy in the world! Stefanie and Erin, you are one hundred percent correct – he is a keeper!

top image via bopeepbaby

Try Something New Tuesday: 23 Before 24

Try Something New TuesdayI got the idea for this week’s Try Something New Tuesday from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess and knew instantly that I wanted to try it for myself. For someone who loves writing lists so much I was quite surprised to realise that I had never written a birthday list of all the things I’d like to accomplish within a year. So here goes 23 things I’d like to get done before I turn 24.


  1. Give my blog a make-over.
  2. Move out with the lad!
  3. Be the perfect bridesmaid for my soon-to-be sister-in-law Sharon.
  4. Go on a relaxing beach holiday.
  5. Sew a dress from scratch.
  6. Knit/crochet an afghan rug.
  7. Start up an Etsy store.
  8. Make a photo book of our holiday.
  9. Try to use my cookbooks more often.
  10. Set aside time to create each week.
  11. See a play.
  12. Invent the perfect cupcake.
  13. Bring back date night.
  14. Catch up with friends more frequently.
  15. Make a new friend.
  16. Make my own Christmas decorations/wrapping.
  17. Finish knitting mum’s scarf from mother’s day a few years back.
  18. Learn more about space (as in planets and stuff).
  19. Finish reading all the books I bought while I was 22.
  20. Host a dinner party.
  21. Donate some of my time to a good cause.
  22. Make a sewing basket.
  23. Think of a great number 23 to finish this list.

Now to enjoy an evening of Community with the boy! Goodnight xx.

Polka Dot Vintage Market

My vintage findsAfter having a long lie-in on Sunday morning (lets just say I went a little crazy at the engagement party) I made my way down to the Polka Dot Vintage Market at Claremont Showgrounds. I was so impressed by the masses of quality vintage threads, as well as the crafty goodies that were on offer and even more impressed by the turnout, there were people everywhere!

I managed to score a lovely dress, blue rose earrings, some licorice allsort soaps, which look incredibly edible, and some delicious old English caramel fudge (which is not in the pictures because I have already eaten it – it was that good). All in all a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Dress fabricpretty rose pattern dress from Miss Brown

Rose earrings
rose earrings from Awoke on a Whale Heart

Licorice allsort soaps
licorice allsort soaps by Cake of Soap

I hope you have all had a great start to the week! It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m getting pretty excited, apparently Grant has an amazing pressie for me – can’t wait to find out what it is!

Holiday Sneak-peeks!

While I sort through the masses of photos we have from the trip, here are a few sneak-peeks of the fun that we had! Grant and I took a lot of fun/funny photos so we are in constant fits of giggles as we go through them. So many great memories!

Magic Kingdom
our first day at the Magic Kingdom, i wore Minnie ears the whole day!

My astronaut
my astronaut

Team Possible
Kim Possible recruited us as her secret agents at Epcot

Secret missions
listening to my next mission on my Kimmunicator

Character cuddles
i had so many character cuddles!

Idol auditions
Grant auditioned for American Idol at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and got in – he’s my superstar!

Bagels with the Flatiron
bagels at the Flatiron

Skating at Rockefeller
ice-skating at Rockefeller – i didn’t fall over!

Flashing Mr President
flashing Mr. President at the White House

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill was super pretty

Shake Shack goodness
the most amazing hot dog/crinkle-cut fries/frozen custard in the world at the Shake Shack NY!

The top of the Met
getting some sun on the top of the Met

I hope you enjoyed the sneak-peek of our holiday! Tonight is my brother’s engagement party at our house, it is going to be so much fun! I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Try Something New Tuesday: Making Whoopie…Pies

Try Something New Tuesday

I’m back, and with a new blog feature too – Try Something New Tuesday – my solution to the early-to-mid-week blues! I had the most amazing time overseas. I tried many new things from escargot (at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival) to trying to understand the vast expanse of space (at Cape Canaveral and the Natural History Museum). I arrived home feeling extremely inspired, with a hunger to keep experiencing new things – hence Try Something New Tuesday was born.

I was also fortunate enough to try whoopie pies while I was away (whoopie pies = the best bits of a cake/cupcake/cookie all rolled into one) at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn. They were absolutely delicious! So for the first edition of Try Something New Tuesday I thought I would re-live some of our holiday magic by baking whoopie pies.

My lovely gentleman surprised me with the Make Me: Whoopies cookbook on the weekend so I adapted the Chocolate Whoopies recipe to include a good dash of red food dye and filled the delicious morsels with cream cheese frosting!  The result – red velvet whoopies! They were so great I ate two today! WHOOPIE(S)! I highly recommend the book so if you’d like a copy go here.

Whoopie batter

Putting the pies together

Putting the lids on the pies

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Cute fact: Whoopie pies (originally known as hucklebucks) got their name from Amish farmers, who would find the tasty treats in the lunch boxes their wives packed for them and shout “WHOOPIE!”. I know, adorable right!

I hope my new feature inspires you to try something new, if you do I want to hear all about it!