Whole Lemon Bars

Whole Lemon Bars

When it comes time for dessert I usually can’t go past cookies, brownies and muffins – preferably the chocolate variety! This past week I felt the urge to branch out and make a sweet treat I had never made before. These Whole Lemon Bars were the result. They were really quite easy to make – no zesting of lemons, rubbing in butter or rolling out pastry – and they tasted amazing! The hardest part was waiting for the bars to cool down! Luckily I made a small tart-like version with the leftovers which my boyfriend and I polished off well before the recipe said I should slice the bars (I break all the rules). You can trust me when I say the recipe tastes just as good warm!

MixingCrustLemonsPour over baseEatenWhole Lemon Bars

All Loved Up

Suppliesthe supplies

I love love, so when I discovered these love-heart nail apps by OPI I had to have them! I have heard so many reports of various nail apps bubbling or tearing but these were so much fun to put on and really easy. Because of the hefty price tag ($20 – that’s $1.25 a nail!) I decided to use them for feature nails rather than the whole set. I applied OPI’s Red Hot Ayers Rock to the other nails. My number one tip is to not wash your hands in hot water on the day they are applied as heat will encourage peeling.

I loved (can I say love any more in one post?) how every time I looked down at my nails I felt all lovey-dovey, I think these will be making an appearance at my brother’s engagement party!

App-licationFile to fit nailfirst trim the nail app and then file it down

Red and hearts
that’s it – as easy as 1-2-3!

Fashion Friday: Whimsical Weekend

Whimsical Weekend

I tried on a maxi dress once. It was one of those change room experiences I never want to put myself through again, along with trying on bathers under those horrid fluorescent lights (why do they have those anyway, isn’t the point of a shop to sell things?). I looked like I was eight months pregnant, it completely swallowed me up and I left feeling very little in the way of self-confidence.

That said I love the style, so I think I have to pony up, put my bad experiences behind me and give it another try – especially with the summer trend forecast of long, flowing dresses, skirts and pants.

If I were to wear a maxi-anything I think an outfit like this would be my best-friend – the clothing is understated, leaving the accessories to the hard task of distracting attention from my shortness (thanks dad). I think this outfit would travel well during weekend activites…picnic in the park anyone?

42-20 watch by Nixon

Metal bridge detail retro sunglasses by ASOS

Set Of three angular metal rings by ASOS

Lunar cross body bag by ASOS PREMIUM

Grey marl double scoop by A|wear

Chiffon and mesh maxi skirt by Lipsy

Wyatta beaded gladiator sandals by ALDO

Trash or Treasure?

Fruit Basket

I am usually the Recycling-Nazi of the home and office, so when I read in the latest Frankie that I could use what is normally considered as trash to make crafty home-wares and accessories I was quick to hop on the case. The clever people at Zpagetti recreate fabric off-cuts – which usually end up on the workshop floor – into fashionable balls of yarn that are strong and sustainable, perfect for knitting and crochet fanatics.

Seeing as I have been wanting to give crochet a try I purchased this starter kit which – fingers crossed – will turn into a lovely bowl for me to display my apples and oranges (not bananas because they are too expensive). The kit includes everything you need to make the bowl, including the pattern and a crochet hook – can it get any easier?

The pretty package will arrive on my doorstep in a couple of days so you should be seeing some progress soon! In the meantime here are a few of the yarns I am loving…

Circus Colourscircus colours

Green Polkadots
green polkadots

Salmon Pink
salmon pink


Coral Reef
coral reef

all pictures via Zpagetti

Boyfriend Rule #1

Various owls
Boyfriend rule #1: A boy should never dip a girl with flowers in his hand if they are not for her.

My boyfriend broke this rule last week. I must give him a little credit though, the flowers were for his mum who was feeling under the weather. Still, there is nothing worse than the disappointment of finding out that a pretty bunch of flowers are not yours for the keeping.

He managed to redeem himself this week when he arrived home, dipped me and handed me this lovely bouquet. I was super excited to finally get to use my owl vase. All is forgiven!

Pretty flowersi love the daisies!

Yellow flower

Pink flower

Graduation Celebration!

Graduation Cakegraduation cake

My sister had her university graduation a few weeks ago and seeing as I was the only immediate family member present I decided to make it extra special for her with this cake creation! I was looking after my brother’s German shepherd Logan at the time and he kept trying to make his way into the kitchen – probably because what I was baking smelled delicious – so my boyfriend constructed a fort around the kitchen so I didn’t have to worry about one of my tasty treats ending up in the dog’s mouth.

I used this recipe, although I made less of the icing because six cups of icing sugar seemed a little excessive and I added a dash of vanilla essence for a more rounded vanilla flavour. Delish!

For the mini mortar board cupcakes I tempered some good quality white chocolate, put it in the fridge and then cut it into squares, adding little chopped up snakes for the tassels. The end result: a delicious afternoon treat, perfect for celebrating the special day. My sister loved them!

cupcakes ready to be baked/snakes being cut into tassels

White chocolatechopping chocolate

Tempered chocolatetempered chocolate

Mortar board cupcakemortar board cupcake

Fashion Friday: Vintage Beach Holiday

Vintage Beach Holiday

Ladies sure knew how to do it in the fifties!

After seeing this blog post earlier in the week I have been craving a vintage swimsuit just like the one pictured above. I love how lady-like the styles were – such a nice contrast from the skimpy bathing suits girls wear today that barely cover their privates. A vintage inspired swimsuit will definitely be the first thing on my list of summer beach buys. Now i just need to work out how to handle 50’s swimsuit tan lines…challenging!

Peony pink floral bathing suit by Priestley’s Vintage

Floral embossed vintage swim cap

Oversize dip arm sunglasses by D&G

Straw and leather detail beach bag by Ash

Sweetheart flower front toe post flat sandal by Rocket Dog