Ginger and Soy Glazed Salmon

Ginger and Soy Glazed Salmon

These days I am steering further away from red meats and moving closer towards seafood, I must be maturing. Salmon is probably my most favourite fish (aside from the delicious unidentified deep-fried kind) because it is so versatile, cooked, raw, smoked, the list goes on. I had been craving this recipe for quite some time before I made it the other night. It is mouth-wateringly delicious. All the elements come together so perfectly that after every mouthful you cannot help but groan in pleasure – surprising for a supermarket recipe card! Not bad for my first try at cooking salmon either!

Bold flavours

The glaze


Buk choy



Introducing Henry
My sister and her boyfriend got a puppy last weekend. Little Henry, or Heners as my sister likes to call him. He is a labrador and absolutely gorgeous! I visited them on Sunday and took these happy snaps.

Taking a swipe at the camera

taking a swipe at the camera

Having a cuddle
having a cuddle

Play time

play time

All tuckered out

all tuckered out

Spring Fling

I am not one that usually wants Winter to hurry along, most of the time I am quite happy to spend the weekends indoors, snuggled up on the couch watching re-runs of Friends. However, this week I have found myself craving warmth and along with that comes the desire to step out of the house wearing light flowing fabrics and bright colours. This is my perfect Spring outfit for afternoons sipping tea and eating scones (my favourite afternoon treat) in the garden. Only a few more months to go!

Spring Fling

Lisa all over beaded short by Reiss
Miso mixed multi bangles set by Republic
Miso tie front chiffon shirt by Republic

Potter Fever #3

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I saw the Deathly Hallows part 1 at La Premiere, gorging on popcorn, Malteasers and Coke (the best movie combo ever). I remember being so totally impressed with the cinematography and the locations, absolutely stunning! The characters had all grown up and the tension between Ron and Hermione was palpable, making way for the drama of the final film. I loved the scene at the Ministry of Magic, I vividly remember that portion of the book and on-screen it was exactly how I had pictured it, flushing toilets and all. I left feeling satisfied and full!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I saw this on Sunday. As we left the house I shared a brief moment of excitement with my boyfriend as we usually do before going to see a much-anticipated film, before realising that it meant the decade of Harry Potter was over. Who would ever have thought that a story about three young witches and wizards could capture the hearts of so many, holding us transfixed and always yearning for more.

We didn’t watch the film in any special way, just us, a box of popcorn and some Malteasers. I really wanted to see the film in the same format that I had viewed the last seven films, not in 3D, and I am glad I did for it would have been a little too scary if I had Voldemort’s face popping out in front of me. As for the film itself, I absolutely loved it. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire way through and my fingers were digging into my boyfriend’s hand for the most part as I watched the characters I have loved for the longest of time battle it out against all evil, all the while holding back tears. The action scenes were epic, perfectly interspersed with bursts of humour. I love the way that Ron and Hermione’s romance played out, it was really sweet and not at all cliché. Some might be annoyed at the ending, but for me it rounded everything up in the most perfect, fairytale-like way, which means I can rest easy and know that there will never be any nasty spin offs. Would it be too soon to go and see it again?

The end.

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Up Up and Away

I am going to America in a few months and I can’t help thinking about everything holiday related, especially clothing. Being a strict believer in planning I have already started putting together outfit ideas for when I’ll be in transit. Comfort is a must but that doesn’t mean I have to sub out style does it? Here is an outfit I have put together which I think is the perfect combinations.
Travel outfit

Vision in Viscose trousers by French Connection

Crafted long sleeve acid wash t-shirt by Republic

Dark aubergine snakeskin sunglasses by Linda Farrow Luxe

Canvas buckle holdall by ASOS

Lola leopard print ballet pumps by Miss KG

Beetroot double zip purse by Mango

Gunmetal spectrum watch by Guess

No Room for the Blues

I often purchase nail polishes on a whim and last Saturday was no exception. My boyfriend and I had gone to the shops and he had strictly informed me that we had to be back in the car within ten minutes because he had some important work to do. So I quickly did the few errands that I needed to do while he had gone to look at boring boy stuff like 3D TVs and hard drives. On my way to meet up with him I walked past a department store which sells OPI, looked at my watch and saw that I had two minutes to go. I quickly ducked in and bought a colour I had been lusting after for about two months. This is the result!

After primping and prepping my nails I put on two coats of OPI’s No Room for the Blues. I was in a happy mood and felt it needed a little extra pizzaz so I followed that with a coat of Happy Anniversary and there you go, sparkly blue nails!

Blue nail polish

Blue nails

Potter Fever #2

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Goblet of Fire

Devastatingly my usually flawless memory does not recall a single thing about going to see the Goblet of Fire. Maybe the stress of my final year of high school erased all non-important memories from my brain. The movie, on the other hand, I remember! Harry’s hotness didn’t last more than a year and I still can’t place why. Maybe it was the hair, maybe the developing jaw line, whatever it was has definitely gone. Sorry Harry but I’m not crushing on you anymore. I didn’t even think Cedric Diggory was cute (Rob Pattinson) much to the dismay of Twilight fans. Ron on the other hand got better looking, or maybe that’s just me having a thing for geeky guys! I remember the scene with Harry in the bathtub was super awkward as well, some of the scenes were super epic though.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix

My boyfriend wanted to do something special for the viewing of the Order of the Phoenix so he came up with the idea of seeing it in a town about an hour and a half away. We called them up to book the tickets but were unsuccessful so we ended up seeing it at our usual cinema. I remember the wonderful world of Hogwarts getting a lot more gritty and dark in this film. Looking back I think it did not have time to give the book justice and I remember walking out and being disappointed at all the things that had been missed out. I still cringe when I watch the kissing scene between Harry and Cho Chang, it was so awkward. Luna Lovegood shines in this film!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The Half Blood Prince

We saw the Half Blood Prince at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood eating Raisinets out of a box in true American style and still on a high from just being at Disneyland. I remember the excitement of walking over the nearly 200 hand and footprints in the theatre’s forecourt, along the red carpet and into the stunning foyer. I think I had butterflies in my stomach through the whole movie from the excitement of sitting in such a historic building, the only thing is I don’t remember too much about the film! We stayed back in the theatre after everyone had left and took it all in. Ah how unbelievably awesome it would be to see the final movie here!

The journey continues…

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